For Assembly work, starting- up and commissioning of the wind turbines, Revergy presents services throughout the chain of construction and commissioning offering all kinds of services like property engineering,
"Owner's engineering".


We carry out the inspection and coordination of the various activities involved in the phase of construction of a generating plant of renewable energy. This service includes:

  • Evaluation of sites.
  • Management of permits and agreements with owners.
  • Supervision of field packaging, earthworks and excavation.
  • Issuance of the final report of usefulness of the installation that checks the state of the civil works, metal structure and electrical installation of the plant.
  • Inspections at the factory. We check the finish of each piece and its factory assembly. We perform a thorough quality control that allows to correct immediately any possible flaw.
  • Control of transport and reception of components in the field. We supervise the activities of load and transport of each piece from the factory to the plant. In addition, we perform an analysis of damage, checking that each element is in optimal conditions after transportation, managing supplier correction of possible damage.
  • Supervision of the assembly. We inspect the assembly work, ensuring compliance with the rules of occupational hazards and the proper development of this activity. We also perform an analysis of non-conformities oriented to solve potential incidents at this stage in the assembly of the plant.
  • Supervision of the Commissioning and Control of the period test (SCA)
  • Certificate of Provisional Adequacy (CAP). After assembly, we track of performance tests prior to starting up to supervise the correct operation of the set and get the CAP, allowing our customers to start their activity.