From CER system, our customers can check in real time readings of operation of each one of the devices that are part of their wind farm, solar plant, mini hydraulic plant or power plant, and receive alerts and custom alerts that allow them to make decisions in an agile way

More than 400 power plants around the world already use our solutions to monitor the performance of their assets, gaining responsiveness and profitability on the management of their installations.

  • Performance data of each equipment in the plant (inverter, timer…), the place that each one is located and their technical specifications and information
  • Economic data and turnover of the plant that allow to control the evolution of the business.
  • Custom reports based on historical production data allowing to compare the evolution and performance of the plant during specific periods
  • Very visual graphics that are formed by dragging and dropping variables on screen to quickly access the information.
  • Alerts and notices received via SMS or e-mail to warn of events or incidents and being able to act quickly.